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Lipu Technology helps companies create an ESG sustainable management environment

Lipu Technology provides customers with customized commercial, residential and ground-based solar energy storage systems & green building LED lighting, and represents high-efficiency and low-energy-consuming green energy semiconductor products to create zero-carbon green building solutions. Beautiful homes with zero-carbon green buildings for self-use, and local companies using solar energy to generate electricity, let our future homes bid farewell to the deadly air pollution caused by the PM2.5 index caused by coal-fired power generation, and coexist sustainably with the environment.
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Strictly adhering to clear ethical standards, adhering to uncompromising character and integrity, and integrity are our most fundamental and important concepts.


We firmly believe that a sustainable enterprise must focus on core industries and continue to create irreplaceable value in the value chain.


We strive to build profound partnerships with our customers and become long-term important partners that our customers trust and rely on for success.


Innovative service business models are the source of our growth, and we pursue innovation in strategy, marketing, and management.


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  • HH series

    Plant light

    HH series

    Excellent heat dissipation design ensures high efficiency and durability. The highest level of PPF output performance. Waterproof design ensures high reliability. Customized plant spectrum formulas can be provided.
  • Energy saving label lamp


    Energy saving label lamp

    The lamp and power supply are designed separately to prevent the lampshade from turning yellow, and the lamp temperature will not be too high. The parts can be replaced individually, and the entire set is detachable. It can be recycled by yourself without incurring additional scrap fees. A quick connector facilitates easy replacement.
  • EFL series


    EFL series

    Waterproof wiring, effective waterproofing, respirator design to prevent fog generation.
  • Eaton

    Semiconductor Division


    Eaton's Electronics Division (formerly Cooper Bussmann*) is a diversified global manufacturer of circuit protection products as well as power management magnets, supercapacitors and terminal blocks. Through innovative technology and custom engineering, these products serve customers in computing, communications, transportation, industrial, medical, alternative energy and automotive. With Eaton's acquisition of Cooper Industries in 2012, Cooper Bussmann Electronics is now known as Eaton Electronics.

    Semiconductor Division


    Fuzetec Technology Co., Ltd. (FUZETEC TM ) was founded in 1999 as the world's leading equipment manufacturer and designer, committed to providing continuous circuit protection solutions for the electronic and electrical industries of today and tomorrow. With state-of-the-art Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) conductive polymer technology, FUZETEC TM offers a wide range of polymer PTC resettable fuses to meet the needs of modern demanding high-tech applications. They include but are not limited to: telecommunications, networking, smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers
  • Educational flat light series

    Educational flat light

    Educational flat light series

    Ultra-high color rendering, R9>90 restores natural light, 5000K soft light, comfortable learning environment, high light efficiency 120lm/W, no stroboscopic eye protection and low glare UGR≦17.
  • LED silicone light strip

    Light bar

    LED silicone light strip

    Suitable for cabinets, ceilings, and board clamps(not for outdoor use). Specs: 12x12mm, with front-facing illumination, DC 24V operation, 3000K and 4000K color options. Luminous flux: 67 lm/W,waterproof (IP67). Features 3M adhesive for easy installation, with cuts every 5cm. Includes a 3-year warranty.
  • FZ series


    FZ series

    Excellent heat dissipation design, sturdy and durable, multiple light distribution options, suitable for various application environments, and the tilt can be accurately adjusted on site through bracket installation.
  • HL series

    LED High Bay Light

    HL series

    Intelligent high light efficiency of 180lm/W, can be matched with infrared or microwave sensors, and can be programmed for mobile phone pairing to realize intelligent light sensing applications. Made of aluminum die-cast material, it has good heat dissipation and ensures durability and long life. A variety of accessories are available to meet different installation needs.
  • Household/Commercial Energy Storage Solution

    Emergency Backup Power

    Household/Commercial Energy Storage Solution

    Analyzing and planning energy use in commercial buildings with energy-efficient LED lighting and customized storage. The system optimizes electricity costs via peak shaving and valley filling,providing power during outages. The app reports real-time system status. Customizable for 4-8 hours of power consumption, including the option for personalized appearance and size. 5-year warranty included.
  • Commercial flat light series

    Panel Light

    Commercial flat light series

    High-efficiency direct-type flat panel lamp, which can be matched with dimming and color-adjusting power supply and intelligent control system. It is simple and beautiful, easy to install, fast and safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with uniform light and soft sight.
  • HB series

    LED High Bay Light

    HB series

    A variety of installation accessories, providing different installation options, aluminum die-casting material, efficient heat dissipation design, sturdy and durable, can provide cost-effective, isolated brand power supply.
  • LED track projection light

    Track Lighting

    LED track projection light

    Commercial lighting, cafe, corridor, 9W/18W/30W, AC 100-240V, 3000K/4000K/5700K, luminous flux 60 lm/W, color rendering index (Ra) >90, rotation 355 degrees, swing 90 degrees, anti-glare , 2-year warranty.
  • FL series


    FL series

    NEMA intelligent solution selection, AC and dimming dual output lines, multiple installation methods, symmetrical and asymmetrical light distribution options.
  • FS series


    FS series

    A variety of light distribution options, suitable for various application environments, isolated drive, adjustable bracket angle, and waterproof design ensure high reliability and cost-effective solution.
  • HM series

    LED High Bay Light

    HM series

    Full voltage, energy-saving and efficient, high applicability, can be matched with a variety of power solutions and light distribution angles, and is suitable for various application environments.
  • LED ceiling light

    Ceiling lamp

    LED ceiling light

    For toilet and balcony use, available in 7-inch-22W and 9-inch-32W options, compatible with AC100~240V (50Hz/60Hz), featuring a color temperature of 4000K or 5700K, luminous flux of 90lm/W, IP44 waterproof and dustproof rating. The design is simple and beautiful, environmentally friendly, providing uniform illumination without flicker. Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • FH series


    FH series

    Perfect coating anti-corrosion process, excellent heat dissipation design, sturdy and durable, multiple light distribution options, suitable for various application environments, waterproof design ensures high reliability.
  • Edison

    Semiconductor Division


    Edison Optoelectronics is a brand specially established for high-efficiency green energy LED lighting products. Its manufacturing base has expanded to New Taipei City in Taiwan, Dongguan and Yangzhou in mainland China. In response to market demand for various ESG green building lighting environments, it provides LED green lighting that meets High-quality, high-efficiency professional lighting fixtures – LED street lights, indoor and outdoor floodlights, storage bay lights, smart panel lights, LED ceiling lights and wall lamps. The products span indoor and outdoor commercial lighting and automo
  • Tri-proof light series

    Three anti-light

    Tri-proof light series

    Efficient and fast splicing, simple assembly, multiple light distribution options, suitable for various application environments, waterproof and dustproof design to ensure high reliability.

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  • 2023.10.06


    LED energy-saving label 100W/150W/200W floodlights will be launched in 2023/09

  • 2023.08.16


    LED engineering solar projection light product introduction 2023/08 will be launched!

  • 2023.08.11


    The benefits of installing solar photovoltaics on the roof